What is Fouta?

What is Fouta?

What is Fouta

Fouta; In many Mediterranean countries, cotton or/and linen fabric is used as a towel, table cloth , cover up and many other uses. Fouta is a kind of fabric originally Tunisian. Fouta and Peshtemal is so similar to each other; they both are culturel hand-woven fabrics mostly used as towels.

Light weight and handi-craft!

Fouta Towerls are hand-woven, light weight woven fabric is one of the best benefit of having foutas. Foutas dry you so quick and absorb water fast and super good.

You also can see more information about fouta towels here on Wikipedia

Why Should I Get a Fouta?

First of all, Foutas are cool 🙂

There are many other benefits what make you think about getting a fouta!
Let’s see ;
* Foutas are hand-woven
* Fouta towels are light weight and take up less space

There are multiple categories that you can use foutas

– Spa Foutas
– Beach Fouta Towels
– Bath Fouta Towels
– Home Decoration; Fouta Table Clothes, Fouta throws , Fouta blankets.
and more …